The chemical K-2 is available in 3 forms as follows giving the same results. Application
of K-2 Passivation solution is a must after the application of all forms of K-2 chemical in order
to avoid further corrosion and contamination


It is used to clean large fabricated equipments of Stainless steel equipments vessels.
agitators, dryers, dairy machinery, fermentators, internals as well as the external of pipes
by a pressurized spray bottle or pump.

We provide special K-2 paste & K-2 spray for cleaning duplex and super duplex stainless steel.

Pickling And Passivation on DUPLEX AND SUPERDUPLEX Stainless Steel


Pickling Dip Form


It is used to clean complicated items. like internal & external of pipes, wire rolls, internal recessed areas of machinery and Heavy Machinery by dipping into a huge tank by means of a chain pulley Or by circulation system.


1 SI-56 - Degreaser (Removal of oil 50 gm/lit). Apply liquid SI-56 - Degreaser on to the surface for 5 - 10  minutes. Then wash the surface thoroughly with water.

2 Just immerse the articles in the dip tank.

3 Leave it for 5-45 minutes, depending on the thickness on the scale.

4 Apply K-2 passivation on the surface and leave it for 10 – 15 minutes

5 Remove and wash the articles thoroughly with With high pressure water.

  K-2 Pickling Paste
  K-2 Pickling Spray
  K-2 Pickling Dip
  K-2 Pickling Duplo
  K-2 Passivation
  K-2 Carbochem
  K-2 SSA For bulk pickling
  K-2 400 Series

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