The chemical K-2 is available in 3 forms as follows giving the same results. Application
of K-2 Passivation solution is a must after the application of all forms of K-2 chemical in order
to avoid further corrosion and contamination


It is used to clean large fabricated equipments of Stainless steel equipments vessels.
agitators, dryers, dairy machinery, fermentators, internals as well as the external of pipes
by a pressurized spray bottle or pump.

We provide special K-2 paste & K-2 spray for cleaning duplex and super duplex stainless steel.

Pickling And Passivation on DUPLEX AND SUPERDUPLEX Stainless Steel


CARBO CHEM - Deburring process for carbon steel.

Effectively removes all fine and super-fine burrs from surfaces and corners. reduction of the surface micro-roughness is also achieved.

K-2 Carbochem process deburrs and Micro-smoothens parts made of hardened and unhardened carbon steel with carbon Content up to 1.3 % low alloy steel & Soft iron. A bright Polished finished can be achieve provided the carbon Content does not exceed 0.4 %.

Rotor of a fuel injection pump before and after processing with
K - 2 CARBOCHEM to remove burrs and achieve a particle-free surface. (approx. half full size)

The advantages of the K - 2 Carbochem Processes

1 All surfaces of the component being treated are deburred and micro-smoothed, including those areas where normal access is impossible.
2 Surface fissures are removed giving improved service life and component durability
3 Friction, wear and tear are reduced.
4 Dimensional accuracy within fine limits can be maintained on edges and surfaces.
5 Significant improvement in homogeneity and adhesion of subsequent plating deposits or CVD and PVC coatings.
6 The quality and strength of welded and soldered joints is positively influenced.
7 The fusing action with glass is improved.


  K-2 Pickling Paste
  K-2 Pickling Spray
  K-2 Pickling Dip
  K-2 Pickling Duplo
  K-2 Passivation
  K-2 Carbochem
  K-2 SSA For bulk pickling
  K-2 400 Series

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